What is a Bench Sales Recruiter?

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A Bench Sales Recruiter basically means an accountant, sales or a recruiting individual who is in charge of the market in the firm’s bench of consultants, who are currently not working on projects. Their work is basically to look for suitable requirements and convince their candidates while providing them projects with Tier 1 Staffing companies in the United States.

Well, these particular positions are for tier 2 based recruiting agencies having a genre in US IT staffing. With this, they also take benefit of the ineffective job market in contracting, where the rates have been lowered for tier 1 companies.

This makes it super tough for them to make abundant profits. Hence, the tier 1 firms outsource their search to tier 2 companies.

What is a Bench Sales Recruiter

What Exactly Is The Bench?

In order to meet the expectations and demands of tier 1 firms, the tier 2 staffing firms generally hire H1b consultants and create their own virtual bench from several other firms. The majority of the terms the US individuals and residents work with the Bench Sales recruiters with a prior understanding that can be put out before the clients.

This is due to the fact that the bench marketers may possess a quality network of staffing companies and a great knowledge of the recruitment market.

These OPT consultants are now hired into projects and then terminated once the project ends after 6 months or 1 year. When the projects are finished, these consultants are said to be on the bench Sales. They are just like the extra players in a match who sit back and get a chance once the main player is injured.

Working Of The Bench Marketers

The job of the bench marketers is to advertise the consultant’s resume in freelance marketplaces or job boards. They send the list of all the potential Consultants to customers and once they are identified, they schedule the interviews and negotiate rates while finalizing the contract with the potential customer.

Once a suitable person is finalized, he is signed for a corp to corp contract which is nothing but a final agreement. Now, the bench sales marketers continue to run out the payroll of the consultants and the consultant now functions via a tier 1 staffing agency at the client’s work website.

Also, the profit that the bench Sales recruiters make from the bench consultants placing is required to be much more than the actual cost of the bench sales recruiter. And, this is the sole reason why this is only possible in India.

Difference Between US staffing & Indian Staffing Firm

The major differentiation between an Indian staffing firm and the US staffing firm is that the bench marketer already possesses a consultant who is already looking for a job where they can be placed.

The US staffing company, on the contrary, first finds job vacancies with a client and finally looks for a consultant to work with.


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