BGMI 1.6 Update, Patch Notes, Download [APK+OBB] Battlegrounds Mobile India

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Battlegrounds Mobile India commonly known as BGMI is the most played battle game in India. PUBG was banned from India so Krafton introduced this game for PUBG lovers. This game has been downloaded by over 50 million people. It works including both Android and iOS devices.

Krafton has released new updates in this game to keep the players engaged with this game. New version 1.6 has been released now with many new features, modes, and enemy tracking features.

BGMI 1.6 Update

App Name BGMI(battlegrounds mobile India
Developers GRAFTON Inc
Android Release Date June 17, 2021
IOS Release Date 18 August 2021
Total downloads 70 millions++(Android + IOS)
File size 742 MB
V1.6 update AOS September 16(Thur) 14:30 – September 17(Fri) 15:30
V1.6 update iOS September 17(Fri) 11:00
V1.7 update Coming soon
BGMI file download source ●      Playstore


●      Apple App Store


BGMI Patch Notes

Many new features have been added with its 1.6 updates by Krafton. With the PUBG 1.6 Update, the game will receive dozens of new content, including Evo Ground Modes and features. We’ve included some Patch Notes Previews below, which were published by BGMI on their youtube Platform on September 15, 2021, at 5:00 PM. Here are some features in detail;

  • In this update, new vehicles and weapons have been added.
  • This version comes in two flavors: the G38 Gravity Free Bike and the MG3 LMG.
  • Here are new features of MG3 LMG
  • 6X scope
  • Attachment for a scope
  • Ammunitions of 7.62 mm
  • For burst mode and automated mode, 660 and 990 rpm are used.
  • A new vehicle with pillion seat on G-38 Gravity Bike
  • Squad members can toss medical aids to each other to heal health.
  • A new version has an ignition mode.
  • A new gaming train system is included in the new version.
  • Royal Pass Cycling is also available.
  • Ace Master and Ace Dominator are the two ranks.
  • A frame rate of 90 frames per second has been added for low-end devices.
  • Players will feel less vibration on the burst of grenades.

How to download BGMI update 1.6 on Android?

  • Just go to your Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Search for “Battlegrounds mobile India.”
  • Click on the install.
  • If you have already installed it, then tap the profile icon.
  • Go to the pending updates, Click on the BGMI  and then click on update.
  • When the game is updated you will be able to check the new changes in the game.

How to download BGMI update 1.6 on iPhone?

  • Just go to your Play Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for “Battlegrounds mobile India.”
  • Click on install on the screen.
  • If already installed, at the top of your screen, tap the profile symbol.
  • Now scroll down to see if there are any pending updates.
  • Now select “Update” to update your BGMI with the most recent 1.6 upgrades.

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How can I get the beta version of the 1.6 updates?

To receive an instant access App from the app store, you must first download the Global Edition from the “” website. Please “Turn ON” your VPN and download the Global Version of PUBG to get the Global Version.

Following the steps below after installing the Global Version of PUBG, you will get authorized accessibility to all forthcoming EVENTS & UPDATES. Note that the instructions listed below can apply to all BGMI 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, and other versions.

YouTubers typically use certain options to gain early access to all new Battlegrounds Mobile India updates. Following are the steps:

  • Step 1: Launch PUBG Global and navigate to the Events section.
  • Step 2: On the right side of the “RECOMMENDED” column, you will see a Beta Test Invitations option.
  • Step 3: Simply click the “GET IT” button to be sent to a different browser on which you can access the Generate CODE button. This code is used to register your BGMI Beta Version Game so that you can play it.
  • Step 4:Now open the BGMI 1.6 Update Beta Version APK file that you may find anywhere by doing a simple Google search. The POP-UP window shows on your screen after you open the PUBG Global Beta Version, as shown below:
  • Step 5:Click on the OK button after entering the Generate Invitation code from the Global PUBG Game. Take advantage of the most recent BGMI updates and take a look at all of the features.

Latest BGMI Information

We’ll now go through all of the Battlegrounds Mobile Today News and Updates that BGMI has recently announced. So keep an eye on this space for all the latest Battlegrounds Game news:

News for September 23, 2021: [Accounts that have been permanently banned] 59,247 accounts were created between September 10 (Fri) and September 16 (Thu).

On September 17, 2021, the 1.6 Update was officially launched on the Playstore and Applestore. Please use the links below to download or update your BGMI game.

  • News for September 17, 2021: Update 1.6 [Issues Resolved Since September Update]
  • When the wrong item is claimed as an achievement reward, there is an issue.
  • There is a problem where some achievements are revealed to be duplicated.
  • Multiple achievement points are claimed as a problem.

PUBG Mobile Month 3 Tier Wise Rewards out: BGMI M3 Royal Pass 1- 50 RP Rewards

  • 200 silver fragments as a Bronze Tier prize
  • 400 silver fragments as a reward at the Silver Tier.
  • 1000 silver fragments and the rare C1S2 Groza skin are the Diamond Tier rewards.


BGMI cellular has an excellent design on feedback, connection the sport and real-global, person, manipulate and freedom, blunders prevention, low cognitive load for reputation, flexibility and efficiency, straightforward design, and informative assist files. We have to preserve shifting forward through the years.BGMI has also taught me that you haven’t killed an enemy and that if you do not pass forward-thinking, you won’t kill everybody.

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