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In this article, we are going to talk about cafe astrology all the information you can find like how to access this site what are the advantages of exploring sit and how it works.

After starting human civilization, every human being is excited to know about the future sometimes they want to know about a task which they are performing in the present time and another time one wants to know about any person and future of their relationship.

These all deep will of human beings give birth to astrology science; yes this is true that for some people it is only a myth or a superstition but most of the people believe in in-universe and god and they are spiritual people, astrology says that person‘s destiny is linked to the position of the planet in-universe.

The founder of cafe astrology is Annie Heese and she is researching astrology since now, she was interested in astrology at an early age and wants to read and write about astrology.

Cafe astrology gives information about the character, behavioral effect, communication skills, and future possibilities about a person; but one should not judge a person by this information. This astrology method use the natal chart in which birth date, time, and place are required exactly sometimes you don’t know about your birth time it would be ok, but if you don’t have any idea of your birth date year it may be a difficult here is free natal chart link

Cafe Astrology Natal Birth

Cafe Astrology Natal chart and Tarot Reading:

  • If you do not know about your birth time your moon sign may not be accurate in that case you have to make possibilities or you have to match the character with yourself.
  • According to some people, it’s not so accurate that you can believe it as a whole but For many people, it may be an error from your side.

Most of the people search for tarot card guidance from the universe and they believe in the concept that the universe has some unseen forces and they tend a person to be in a particular direction which is good or bad if your planet is in a good position you will be in a good direction and if your planet opposes then your direction is not correct; in Indian astrology(Jyotish shastra) there is also possibilities that you will be fine after your evil work replacement (doshmukti).

To know your zodiac sign:

Some Transition Of The Eclipse

  • Lunar eclipse transition on November 19th in Tauras.
  • Solar eclipse transition in Gemini on 10 June.
  • Lunar eclipse transition on May 26th in Sagittarius Current eclipse.
  • Jupiter is transiting the 12th sign from 13th May to 28th July.
  • Jupiter in Pisces up to April 2022.
  • Saturn is in Aquarius until March or maybe April first week of 2022.
  • Jupiter continues to transit up to December 2021 last week.

Here Is Some Brief Knowledge About All Horoscopes:

  1. Aries (March 21 to April 20) person born in this time period is adventurous, energetic, emotional, and broad-minded with an attractive personality.
  2. Tauras (April 21 to May 21 ) person born in this Time is warm-hearted, secretive and have a hunger which is never satisfied creative and open mind.
  3. Gemini (May 22 to June 21) people who have a birthday in this period is dynamic, quick-witted reliable, loyal, adaptable, and complex psychology.
  4. Cancer( June 22 to July 22) people born in cancer horoscope are brave, intentional, good humor, irresponsible, cunning.
  5. Leo(July 23 to August 21) person having a birthday in this time are irritable, quite different, humanitarian, tense, and emotional.
  6. Virgo( august 22 September 23) is diplomatic, enthusiastic, lunging, imaginative, and with a different view from others.
  7. Libra( September 24 to October 23) is intellectual, original, confused with a smile at face always and a catchy personality.
  8. Scorpio(October 24 to November 22) person born in this period patient, reliable, mood swing may be at a certain time and less stable.
  9. Sagittarius(November 23 to December 22 ) person having this birth time period is actually inquisitive, original, simple living type.
  10. Capricorn(November 23 to December 22) person of this birth time is blindly optimistic, restless, resentful, full of energy.
  11. Aquarius(January 21 to February 19 ) are people with fewer emotions, perverse, detached, unpredictable, and misery.
  12. Pisces( February 20 to March 20) the person of this birth time is pessimistic, fatalistic, practical, idealistic, and sometimes maybe escapist to somebody.

This is a short description of nature and behavior but it does not give any label to the particular person of any horoscope.

Generally, people take cafe astrology as a quick fix for different problems in different aspects of life and if it is not working for them they fail to believe it.

For every planning, execution is required and you need to be practical but cafe astrology and other astrology help to calm our desire of being in excitement; people have different views regarding cafe astrology some time they found their natal chart exact and some.

It does not match but it should not be a blame game between the two This is also a fact that in present time in the name of astrology there are many superstitions in different parts of the world but it does not mean that astrology does not exist it sometimes work only for those people who believe in them and this is game of our subconscious mind which can’t be underestimated, but if we are depending on astrology for our decision it is not safe.

Tips and General Views:

We use different astrological sites sometimes for fun and some time to keep ourselves in balance and if you are using such sites there is no need to worry you can believe these calculations, not as a whole but good for guidance.

  • Cafe astrology actually is not any modified astrology but it is a modified version of Indian astrology which is actually the science of ancient times.
  • Cafe astrology is flexible to understand because terms used at the site are explainable in an easy way sometimes it is hard to understand the complex world of the Indian Sanskrit language and we also common people have no idea about transitions and planet.
  • Zoodiac signs and natal charts are exact in cafe astrology and because we do not have an idea about such calculations we may believe other fake sites and astrologers so it is safe to use such sites and apps.

One of the best advantages of the cafe astrology site doesn’t email you as others do and there is a different column of asking Annie and a free natal chart and a few information about you are free of cost.

It is easy to approach the site and you do not have to do any complex process and the site does not take any personal information and it is great to have experience at least for one time here is a link to download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cafe Astrology

Que:-1 Is cafe astrology accurate or not?

Ans:- Sometimes people have complained about the accuracy of the natal chart of cafe astrology and they prefer more over cafe astrology.

Que:-2 The apps related to cafe astrology is good or not?

Ans:- They may not be accurate, they require Your birth data and process that data but the result is not satisfying.

Que:-3 Is it true that cafe astrology doesn’t email as other sites email us about astrology and want a paid subscription?

Ans:- Yes, it is true that café astrology, does not mail us as others do, it is true to say that cafe astrology is User friendly.


All the people use some astrology sites one time or another time it is better to use safety sites like cafe astrology, which is easy to access and explanation is better than other sites. Present times full of hackers and crackers can be anywhere for your safety it is good to explore a safe site.

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