Free Fire Vs PUBG 2021 Comparison: Characters & Graphics, Downloads, Battle Mode, Vehicles

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Free Fire Vs PUBG

Free Fire Vs. PUBG – A Toned Comparison 

Free Fire Vs PUBG are two of the most popular games in the market. There are a lot of gamers who log in literally every day to play these games. There is a well-defined group of players who mostly prefer PUBG, while others prefer free fire. Well, which game is better?

The definition of a great game relies upon several factors, such as graphics, compatibility system requirements, etc. However, considering India, where PUBG is banned as of now. Free fire is a winner. Let’s dig in and read the article till last to know which game is better. 

Below are several factors which make Free fire and PUBG great games for most gamers.

System Requirements & Availability Of The Game

Now, you can play PUBG in India, due to the ban. However, you can still access the global Or the Korean versions via VPN bypasses Or APK links. Also, with everyone knowing that the game cannot be back in India, its accessibility is a major problem. 

Free fire, on the contrary, can be played freely, anywhere in the nation. You can download it both from the Apple App Store and google play store. 

Both of these games need about 2 GB ram. But, when we talk about storage, PUBG mobile needs 610 Mb while free fire needs 680 MB. So, if we talk about space requirements, PUBG is a clear winner.

Free Fire Vs PUBG Characters & Graphics 

PUBG is a battleground game and the overall look and feel of the game are super realistic. However, when we talk about free fire, the characters of the game are more on the cartoonish side. Even though PUBG has better illusions, it never means that free fire has bad graphics. But, there’s this one thing where free fire can take over PUBG and that is the number of characters. 

PUBG has better, lifelike, and realistic graphics. The characters, weapons, and maps are way better than free fire. Free fire also has great graphics, but somehow it lacks realistic charisma. 

The characters present in PUBG are very lively and visually appealing as compared to free fire. PUBG allows 100 players at once, while free fire allows only 50 players. 

However, if we look at the bigger picture, PUBG is better than free fire. But, in India, free fire rules, as PUBG isn’t available now.

Free Fire Vs PUBG Downloads

Free fire is a super renowned game in the industry and has over 500 million downloads on both google play and the app store. PUBG has only 100 million downloads, which is comparatively less. 

In this department, free fire clearly wins the race due to its smaller game size and the clarity that it offers even in low-end devices. The download size of the free fire is great as juxtaposed to PUBG.

Battle Mode 

In PUBG, the players are required to take a drop and then go for a hunt. The one who survives a 100 player battleground is the final winner. PUBG provides detailed battlegrounds in aspects of sizex terrain, and dynamic weather. The four maps are Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi. 

On the other hand, free fire is the fastest-growing game in the industry. A 50 player battleground takes the drop on a small map to survive on the remote island. Here, free fire is the ultimate winner.


Both PUBG and free fire have multiple vehicles to move around on the map. However, PUBG mobile has an edge due to the fact that it allows transportation on water too and has a wide variety of collections of vehicles. Whereas, free fire has restricted alternatives. And, you can select only between motorcycles and cars. 


Considering that PUBG mobile is now not exactly available in India, free fire is now the next best option that is available in India. However, if PUBG gets back to India anytime soon, players would have to make a tough decision between free fire and PUBG.

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