How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy?

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Are you wondering, how to make wood in Little Alchemy? Well, if this is the case then you’re at the right place. You can very conveniently understand the alchemy hints and cheats. You are just required to think about all the possible way outs that are important to get wood from the tree and you can then very easily come up with all the needed combinations.

How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy

How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy?

How do you make wood in little alchemy? To get the answer read further. You can use the below-mentioned combinations to make wood in little alchemy.

Axe & Forest:- In case you are in the forest, you would require an axe as it would help you in cutting the tree and have wood. This is one of the simplest combinations to get wood.

Tree & Axe:- For this, you need an axe to hit the tree, in order to get wood out of it.

Forest & Chainsaw:- Today, chainsaws are one of the most used tools for cutting down trees into several pieces of wood. Therefore, in case you are going to the forest along with a chainsaw, you can easily get wood out of it.

Forest & Lumberjack:- The word Lumberjack is utilized for an individual who is related to cutting down wood and it’s processing.

Sword & Tree:- This method is not too common these days. However, it can be utilized to serve the purpose. Here, you’ll take a lot of time to cut down the tree. We now believe that you have got an idea of how to make wood in Little Alchemy.

How Do You Make A Axe In Little Alchemy 2?

To curate an axe in little alchemy 2, we can use the below-mentioned combinations. They are:

  1. Wood & Blade
  2. Tool & Lumberjack
  3. Wood & Tool

How To Make Tool In Little Alchemy 2?

To create a tool in little alchemy 2, you’ll need the following combinations.

Human & Steel:- Humans utilize steel to prepare a number of tools. You can take into consideration all the industrial tools that are needed for shaping various materials that are made up of steel. All the work is done by a human being.

Metal & Wood:- Take an example of an axe. The handle of the axe is made up of wood and the cutting Portion is made up of metal.

Steel & Wood:- You can possess tools with wooden handle and a body of steel.

Rock & Human:- A human being can sharpen all his tools using a rock.

Metal & Human:- Human beings can shape their metals using several tools. They can even use tools of different metals to make other tools.

Stone & Wood:- This comes from the stone age era where people used stones to make wooden tools.

Rock & Wood:- People have survival strategies using hard rocks and long wooden pieces.

How To Make Paper In Little Alchemy 1?

For making paper, in little alchemy 1, you’ll require:

Wood & Machine:- Paper can be made from the fibre present in the wood. It goes through a lot of processes to create wood and you’ll need a machine to carry out these processes.

Wood & Water:- The pulp of the wood is used for making paper. Hence, it is a part of the papermaking procedure.

Wood & Blender:- This tool in little alchemy mixes up all the important ingredients to make a fine mixture.

Wood & Pressure:- You’re required to process wood to get paper out of this combination.

How To Make Life In Little Alchemy 2?

Whenever you begin with the game, you’ll get four elements such as water, air, earth and fire. To create life, you need to;

  1. Blend two water together to make a puddle
  2. Now, combine both fires to create energy
  3. Mix puddle with water to make a pond
  4. Mix that pond with another water to make a lake
  5. Now, blend the lake with another water to make sea
  6. Now, mix earth and sea to make primordial soup
  7. Combine this soup with the energy to make life

Also, for creating life, you’ll need advanced items such as:

  • Ocean + Electricity
  • Lake + electricity
  • Electricity + Sea
  • Ocean + Lightning
  • Primordial soup + lightning

How To Make Godzilla In Little Alchemy?

Well, there are 21 steps to make Godzilla from the scratch. You need to start from level 1 itself if you’re a beginner. The steps are:

  • Water and air – Rain
  • Rain and earth – Plant
  • Earth and water – mud
  • Mud and plant – swamp
  • Fire and air – Energy
  • Energy and swamp – life
  • Life and air – bird
  • Bird and bird – egg
  • Swamp and egg – lizard
  • Fire and earth – lava
  • Lava and air-stone
  • Stone and air – sand
  • Sand and fire – glass
  • Sand and glass – time
  • Time and lizard – dinosaur
  • Mud and fire – brick
  • Brick and brick – wall
  • Wall and wall – house
  • House and house – village
  • Village and village – city
  • City and Dinosaur – Godzilla

Also, assuming that you are already playing the game, you need to :

  • First, select Dinosaur from the element section and drag it down on the playing board.
  • Now, choose a city from the element section and drop it on the dinosaur which you have already placed on the playing board.

Hurray! You have successfully finished all the steps on how to make a Godzilla in little alchemy.

Final Conclusion

Little Alchemy is a fun game of errors and trials.  You can firstly start with just the four basic elements so that you can further create thousands of rare items. This was all about how to make wood in little alchemy 1 and 2. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Knowing facts about how to make wood in little alchemy is very crucial. If not, you can go through several articles present on the internet to gather knowledge about the same. If the article was helpful enough, make sure to share it with your friends and family. We are sure this would help you while you’ll be playing the game at your place.

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