How To Tame a Horse in Minecraft?

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This Minecraft tutorial explains how to tame a horse in Minecraft. This article has been penned down especially for Minecraft gamers. We hope you’ll like it. Read further to know more about how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

How To Tie A Horse In Minecraft?

With a single end of the lead that is tied around your horse’s neck and another end of the lead placed in your hand, place your pointer on one of the fence’s posts. However, the game control for tying the lead to the fence solely depends on what version of Minecraft are you utilizing. For the Java Edition, you just need to right-click on the fence for tying the horse.

How Do You Ride A Horse In Minecraft?

Below are different steps mentioned that need to be followed if you ride a horse in Minecraft.

  • Find a Horse Armor or a saddle: Users can get these items inside chests in nether fortresses Or dungeons. They can also get them while they are on a fishing spree.
  • Finding A Horse: You can find horses grazing in savannas Or plains.
  • Feed Your Horse In Order to tame it: Keep providing your horse with food until you see hearts appearing above its head.
  • Remember to pick a horse with an empty hand. Now, you’ll need to mount over the horse. Remember that you cannot control its movements.
  • Put Horse Armor on your horse. Now, open the inventory and shift the Saddle into a box that is placed beside your horse.
  • Now, for riding the horse, dismount it by pressing the sneak button. The sneak button is very different on every platform. For instance,

PC: Here, you need to place the left Shift key.

Xbox: In Xbox, click the right joystick.

PlayStation: Click on the right joystick.

Nintendo: In Nintendo, click on the right joystick.

Mobile: Select the center button two times.

How To Tame a Horse In Minecraft PE?

You are required to tame a horse by constantly trying to place the horse and getting bucked off. However, the gaming control for taming the horse nearly relies on the Minecraft version you are using.

For Java Edition, on Mac Or PC, you just need to right-click on the horse. And, for PE or the Pocket Edition, you need to move the pointer over your horse and click on the Mount button. This is how you’ll be taming the horse in Minecraft PE.

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How To Feed A Horse Minecraft?

To feed a horse in Minecraft, you are required to catch a food item and tap on use on the horse. Note that feeding a wrong food item can cause the user to mount the horse. They can also be fed only when feeding would be effective, similar to other animals. You need to activate love mode in tamed horses in Minecraft.

The food items that you can feed your horse are:

  1. Wheat
  2. Sugar
  3. Apple
  4. Golden carrots
  5. Golden apples
  6. Hay bales
  7. Enchanted golden apples

How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft Bedrock?

To tame a horse in Minecraft bedrock, the user is required to tap on the horse along with an empty hand, or simply click on the ride button. Then, the user would just mount on the horse, while your horse bucks to throw off the user. As soon as the horse stops bucking and you see hearts appearing, know that the horse has been tamed nicely.

This was all about taming a horse in Minecraft bedrock.

How To Tame a Horse In Minecraft Java?

As soon as you have found a horse, you can tame it by continuously mounting it. In java, you can mount a horse by, clicking right on the horse. The horse would continuously sway you off, so you’ll be required to keep trying to mount the horse. The total time the horse takes while taming in Minecraft differs. Sometimes, you’ll also be required to mount the horse several times, and sometimes you’ll only be required to mount it just once.

How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft 2021?

As soon as you get a horse in the right biome, you are just required to approach it so that you can start taming the horse. Put away all the weapons so that you don’t accidentally attack them.

Once you are close enough to it, you would now climb on the horse and sit on it, but you may be bucked off multiple times. So, be prepared! To climb on the horse, you’ll either require to right tap on the horse or just hover over it and then the ‘Mount’ button.

It all depends on whether or not you want to play the Java Edition or not. Remember that you won’t require the saddle for this section, but you surely require it next.

This thing might take a few repetitions, but it is not a very tough task to do. Once you’re there, you won’t be having the ability to go anywhere until you open the inventory and equip yourself with a saddle. Once this is done, you’ll now be able to ride the tamed horse all across. This was all about how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

How To Get Off A Horse In Minecraft?

The game control for getting off from the horse depends on the Minecraft version you have.

  • For Java Edition, Mac or PC, you need to press the left shift key.
  • For PE or Pocket Edition, click on the Center button, i.e. sneak or crouch button twice.
  • For Xbox One and Xbox 360, click on the Right Stick on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4 and PS3, click on the RS or the Right Stick on the PS controller.
  • In the case of Wii U, select the Right Stick on the gamepad.
  • In the case of Nintendo Switch, click on the Right Stick on the game controller.
  • For the Windows 10 Edition, you need to press the left shift key.
  • If you have the Education Edition, click on the left shift key.

How Can You Put Saddles On a Horse?

To put a saddle on your horse, you need to select the saddle in the Hotbar. The game control options for putting a saddle on your horse depending on the Minecraft version you are using.

  • For Java Edition, click on the horse for mounting it and press E for inventory.
  • For Pocket Edition, move the pointer over the horse and then click on the Mount button. As soon as you’re mounted, tap on the three dots to open the inventory and then click on the button with the image of a saddle.
  • In the case of Wii U, select the ZL button to place the horse and then select the X button to open the inventory.
  • In the case of Nintendo Switch, tap on the ZL button to mount the horse and then select the X button if you wish to open your inventory.
  • If you are using Windows 10 Edition, click on the horse for mounting it and press E for inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que:-1 How Do You Start Taming a Horse?

Ans:- To motivate your horse to come towards you, it is very crucial for you to move slowly and steadily to approach them. Remember to keep using your voice to reassure them constantly. But, keep your voice soft and low-toned. Please pay special attention to how your horse behaves and reacts. In case they shy away, immediately stop walking.

Que:-2 How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft With Food?

Ans:- Taming a horse in Minecraft with food isn’t an easy task. The horse is required to be very hungry in order to accept the food, so always keep that in your mind. Remember to choose the food that you want the horse to eat from your Hotbar. Now, hold the food in your hand and then carefully approach the horse and utilize the food by tapping on the right mouse button.

Que:-3 How Long Does It Takes To Take A Horse In Minecraft?

Ans:- Feed around two horses with golden carrots and golden apples. Now, they will approach each other, and a small colt will take place. This foal can never be tamed until the time it grows up, and this takes around twenty minutes. Also, you can very easily speed up the growth by feeding the horse with some non-golden food.

Que:-4 What do You Give Horses In Minecraft To Tame them?

Ans:- The way to tame a horse in Minecraft is, that you shouldn’t hold any item. You’ll see that the horse will probably buck you off. So, you are required to repeat the process until you see hearts appearing. However, you can also feed them with Wheat, Horse Apples, Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, Hay Bale, Or wheat to help tame the horse.

Final Conclusion

This was all about, ‘how to tame a horse in Minecraft’. Let us know in case we missed out on anything. Comment down your questions in case of any query. Our team would get back to you as soon as possible.

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