RiceGum Net Worth 2022: Biography, Family, Career and More

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RiceGum An American YouTuber is known for his rapping skills and feuds with other YouTube personalities. With a subscription of over ten million and a video view of over 2 billion, he is one of the top YouTubers in the world.

RiceGum Net Worth 2021
Real Name Brayan Quang Le
Nick Name RiceGum
Born November 19, 1996, Las Vegas
Height 1.88m (6’2” ft)
Nationality American
Qualification YouTuber, Musician
Father Name Luat Quang Le
Mother Name Quang LyLely
Siblings Older brother, Younger brother, and a Younger sister ( Ling Ling)
Net Worth $8 million

RiceGum Net Worth

RiceGum Family:

Brayan Quang Le was born to a Vietnamese- Chinese couple on November 19, 1996. His father, Luat Quang Le, is Vietnamese and his mother Quang LyLely is Chinese. They are Asian American citizens. Brayan Quang Le was born in Las, Vegas, Nevada, USA. Though he hasn’t revealed much about his siblings’, it is rumored that he has an older brother, younger brother, and a younger sister (Ling-ling) whom he calls ‘Rice jr’.

Brayan Quang Le is very close to his father and regards him as a friend. He calls his father ‘Daddy Gum’, as he calls himself by his YouTube name ‘RiceGum’. It is said that Brayan Quang Le looked up to his older brother as a teen and he was Brayan’s role model. His passion for video games was a thing he learned from his older brother.

Once, he introduced his sister Ling Ling in his main YouTube channel as Rice jr. But unfortunately, she was trolled with racist remarks due to which he pulled down that video from his channel, deciding to separate his family from it.

RiceGum Personal Life:

Brayan Quang Le is single. He was rumored to have love link-ups with an Instagram model YouTuber Sommer Ray. Earlier in 2019, he was never spotted with a girlfriend who stated that he was ugly. He met his girl Abby Rao in the year 2019.

Abby Rao works for UNEKFORM and Fashion Nova Brands, being an American model and an Instagram Star. After she came into his life, Brayan Quang Le started another YouTube channel showing his life with her. But there are rumors that their relationship is scripted. His relationship with Abby Rao came to an end after a public breakup.

RiceGum Physical Attributions:

Brayan Quang Le has a slim body with a height of 1.88m which is 6ft and 5 inches weighing around 70kg. He belongs to the Asian ethnicity and has a black eye color and hair color.

RiceGum Career:

Brayan Quang Le is well known by the name, ‘RiceGum’. He started his channel on YouTube as a gamer in 2012. He streamed himself playing on YouTube and other gaming platforms like Twitch and Major League Gaming.

2015 was his breakthrough point when he started the “These kids must be stopped” series. It became an instant hit and he gained over a million subscriptions, worldwide. The video was all about ranting 4 random people from a video sharing application “Musical.ly” which later turned into “TikTok.

From then on Brayan Quang Le grew to the heights of Social Media fandom. But it is also after this point that Brayan Quang Le became known for a feud with other social media influencers and other controversies. His feuds involved top YouTubers like PewDiePie, iDubbbzTV, and even his ex-girlfriend who is TikTok star, Abby Rao.

He currently has 2 YouTube channels, RiceGum, and Family Gum. Family gum is a channel he started to show his life with his then-girlfriend Abby Rao and RiceGum is the channel that changed Brayan Quang Le’s life.
In 2017, RiceGum released a song named “Its Evernight sis”, as a response track to YouTuber Jack Paul’s “Its Everyday Bro”.

This single featured Alissa Violet, a YouTube Personality. This song debuted at 80 on Billboard Hot 100 and at 55 on Canadian Hot 100, making this song Brayan Quang Le’s first charted single. In March 2018, this song was certified Platinum by the RIAA. This song was followed by another track “God Church”, which hit a number one, stand on the Comedy Digital Track Sales Chart.

RiceGum was featured by KSI, a rapper and YouTube personality, in his video “Earthquake” having a video view of around 46 million. But following a dispute between the two, the video was pulled down.
He released a lot of music after this like ‘Frick the police’, ‘Naughty or Nice’, bitcoin and such among which a few were chart listed.

RiceGum Net Worth:

Brayan Quang Le, though is a YouTuber, has a huge fan following across different social media platforms. He has over 10.3 million subscriptions on YouTube, 3.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.7 million followers on Twitter, 1.2 million followers on Twitch, 750,000 followers on Facebook, and 917800 followers on TikTok.
Apart from this, he is a skilled rapper with multiple chart-listed record hits like “It’s every night is”. His net worth as of the year 2022 is a net $8 million.

RiceGum Controversies:

RiceGum has been involved in a lot of Controversies with You tubers and Musicians. Most of his songs are a part of this feud he had with them. “It’s every night Sis”, “Frick da police” are a few examples. His song “Frick da police” was a diss track for YouTuber iDubbbzTV but holds a negative reception of 1.3 dislikes.

He once uploaded a video where he was in Hong Kong and he would go to local restaurants asking if they serve Dog meat. He said Chinese each cat and dog meat. He was then filmed himself running up to people shouting if they understood what he was saying emphasizing Asians don’t understand English. He even repositioned a mannequin in a suggestive way. He had to later apologize for his video though he added he was joking and it was ok for him to do so as he was an Asian.

He was a part of other controversies too among which the mystery box website promotions and “Save the kids” token are a few notorious.

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