Ryan Gracia Net Worth 2022 – Biography, Career, Family, Life and More

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Ryan Gracia Net Worth 2022 (Biography, Age, Born, Birth Place, Professional, Career, Family, Life)

Does the name Ryan Gracia ring any bells for you? If you are even remotely familiar with international professional boxing, it is impossible not to have heard his name. Ryan Gracia is an American professional boxer who is competing in the Super Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. He is known for his knockout punches and wins. Ever since his debut into the professional boxing circles, he has constantly been setting or breaking records.

Ryan Gracia Net Worth

More About Ryan Gracia Biography

Ryan started his journey in professional boxing as an amateur in the year 2016 and has been noticed ever since for his records and accolades.

Ryan Gracia Early C0hildhood and Family:

Ryan Gracia was born on August 8th, 1998, in a city in California called Victorville. Though he was born in the United States, his parentage is from Mexico. Both the parents of Ryan Gracia, Henry Garcia, and Lisa Garcia belong to the Latin community. Hence he makes active attempts to incorporate his Latin and heritage into his lifestyle. Hence during his fights, he is often seen with the U.S. flag and the Mexican flag.

Ryan’s father, Henry Garcia, has initially pursued becoming a boxer but had to give up on the profession due to personal problems. Lisa Garcia, the mother of Ryan Gracia, is his administrative consultant for various events. Ryan’s uncle Sergio Garcia was also a professional boxer.

Ryan had four siblings; three sisters, Demi, Sasha, Kayla, and one brother Sean, a professional boxer. Both his parents are also officials in the U.S.A. amateur boxing. He was nicknamed the Flash. Ryan has shown a keen interest in boxing right from childhood. Training him towards boxing has been easier as his father was also a boxer. Ryan started training at the young age of seven.

Ryan’s parents have contributed a lot towards his training, and he is attached to his parents. For this reason, unlike the other young adults who move out of their parent’s house when they grow up, Ryan is still living with his parents.

Ryan Gracia Amateur Career:

Ryan’s achievement during his Amateur career is nothing short of incredible. He received the silver medal in 2014, U.S.A. Junior National(Under-17) championship. He was also a quarter-finalist of the U.S.A. Youth National (Under-19) in the year 2015. He has won a Gold Medal in the 2016 U.S. Youth National (Under-19).

Ryan Gracia Professional Career:

Back in 2006, when Ryan first ventured into the professional boxing career, he was a skinny young lad. Right from his childhood to all through his Amateur career, he was trained by his father personally. But his father thought that his training was inadequate for Ryan Gracia to become a pro boxer.

So he set out to find different coaches, but nothing turned out fruitful. Hence Ryan entered the ring of professional boxing with his father’s training and guidance. Initially, all of his enthusiasm for boxing was disregarded by many people. But his skills were soon recognized by his coach Eddy Reynoso during his very first match.

He fought his first debut match on June 9th, 2016, in Tijuana. He fought and won this match by soaring heights on Edgar Meza with a T.K.O. (Technical Knockout).

In November 2016, Ryan signed up with the prestigious firm Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. He made his debut in Smith Hopkins light-heavyweight main event on December 17th, 2016, and won the fight with a knockout in the second round. This marks the beginning of the undefeated era for Ryan. By September 2017, he started gaining more confidence by taking on tough opponents like Miguel Carrizozo.

In addition, he won the NABF Junior Super Featherweight Title. He fought and won over Cesar Alan Valenzuela (TKO8) in November 2017, after just three months post his previous victory. Again after another three months, that is, in March 2018, he fought against Fernando Vargas Parra (KO10) and won again.

2018 marks to be the best year for the career of Ryan Gracia as he fought with the best opponent of his career. Ryan went full ten rounds with Jayson Velez, which he had never done earlier. The judges scored the fight with unanimous scores announcing the fight with an undebatable decision of victory for Ryan. Before the end of 2018, Ryan also fought with Carlos Morales and Braulio Rodriguez.

Towards March 2019, Ryan fought and won a match with Jose Lopez and a second-round technical knockout. He was also supposed to fight Avery Sparrow in September, but Sparrow’s arrest, a day before the match, canceled the flight.

In September 2019, Ryan Gracia and Golden Boy Promotions renewed the contract for another five years. The deal offered by Golden Boy Promotions Inc to Ryan Gracia is said to be “one of the most lucrative deals in the history of boxing.” With the fight in November 2019 at the M.G.M. Grand Arena in Las Vegas, with defeating Romero Duno in a knockout, Ryan has paved his royal path to the world title. The accolades and achievements procured by Ryan are listless and limitless.

Ryan Gracia Net Worth

Ryan’s fortune is estimated to sum up to $ 10 million. The majority of his earnings could be accounted for featherweight and lightweight boxing. All the achievements and championships won also contribute to this income.

Ryan Gracia is active on social media platforms, mainly on TikTok. With his massive following and popularity, various brands are always reaching out to him for endorsements. Payment from these brands also contributes to his net worth.

Ryan Gracia Personal Life & Children:

Ryan had a relationship with Catherine Gamez and had a baby called Rylie with her. The relationship soon came to an end after the baby’s birth. His second child Bela is born out of his relationship with Drea Celine.

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