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In our new article, we are going to discuss Satta Matka; famous Indian gambling, it is a betting game and mass playing in India however, it is illegal to gamble in India but after this is continued to play in India.

Satta Matka is called as King of gambling in India and played in Mumbai (Maharashtra). This is a risky game but the Indian people have very courage about this game because of the high return.

Satta Matka Result


History of Satta Matka

It is a very old game firstly it was played before the freedom of India and Pakistan, people use to bet on the prices of cotton which was transferred in India from New York through teleportation they also guess starting and ending the ending day of teleportation.

After, the freedom of India “Kalyan Bhagat,” a Gujarati farmer has started Kalyan Matka in 1962; people have very courageous about Satta Matka at that time so a modified version of Satta Matka was started by Ratan Khatri called “Worli Matka” this Satta is open 5 days of the week and Kalyan Satta is open for all 7 days of the week.

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Types of Satta Matka

After increasing the number of interested people in this game types of Satta were also increased. It is one of the biggest businesses in the Indian economy, club and organizations are also increasing day by day, here are names of different types of Satta

  1. Milan Satta
  2. Rajdhani Satta
  3. Time Bazaar
  4. Supreme day
  5. Sahara day
  6. World day
  7. Kamal day
  8. Super Kalyan
  9. Bombay bazaar
  10. Bhagyalakshmi
  11. Kuber morning,
  12. Main Mumbai

How To Play Satta Matka

Anyone can play Satta Matka by going to a club you have to bet on numbers from 1 to 99 by matching your card number to your betting number if there is matching between these two numbers then you will be a winner also, you can simply bet at a number here are steps to find the site of Satta Matka.

  1. Google in your phone “ site of Satta Matka “
  2. Click any one site
  3. From where you can get the number of clubs
  4. Call number and do betting

There are also some apps where you can guess the winning number and also, you can get an idea of how to do the calculation of winning numbers; also some sites show live results of everyday betting.

You can also get information on the opening and closing times of the club and the opening of winning numbers this is worth mentioning here that all these sites are available on Google.

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At the end of the 20th-century courage of Satta Matka was down because people of India think that gambling is an addiction that ruins relations and also you can invest your money in a safe Field but after the year 2002 courage again increases among people.

In the old time’s people used earthen pots in Satta, that’s why it is called Satta Matka and use to place chit in that earthen pot after the opening of one selected chit winner was announced.

Terms Used In Satta Matka

Most of the time, people use to match the numbers with a playing card and use 10 cards out of 13 cards and use terms like ikka for one, dukki for 2, tikka for 3, chauka for 4, pancha for 5, chakkaa for 6, Satta for 7, athha for 8, nehla for 9 and dehla for 0.

SP stands for single Patti, DP stands for double Patti, TP stands for triple Patti and big stands for the sum of numbers.DP, TP, SP Patti, and Panna are five types of bets.

Calculation For Satta Matka

  1. You have to make a list of old winning numbers.
  2. Then you have to, choose a number from 0 to 10 based on your calculation.
  3. You have to sum up the last two winning number
  4. Then you have to choose two alternate numbers from a four-digit number.
  5. And these numbers to third last winning numbers and choose again an alternate number and place a bet.

The regular players of Satta have many ideas related to the calculation and their calculation is exact actually, after betting there is also guessing at many apps and sites related to Satta Matka the tells about the opening and closing time of betting. You can bet only when betting time is opened and after the closing of betting time you have to wait for the next time

Note: Many sites are fraud and calculation at youtube or anywhere may not be exact so you have to pay attention while choosing your betting number

Satta Matka General view of people:

Satta Matka is the king of gambling in the black world and there are crores of people around the world who use to play this game they may be leaders of a political party and maybe housewives.

People don’t say that it is a good thing but they use to play these games maybe it is regular or maybe sometimes. Some of the people say that the government got good taxes on this game. When it comes to catching the criminal police and government will not respond to it and they will react like they are innocent and obliged to their duties.

Is It Good To Play Satta Matka?

In India or any other country, gambling is illegal and it is a risky game we can not believe such games. For our salary, we don’t have to depend on such games but if you feel to give it a chance and it’s your fun time you can take a trial of this game.

This article does not support any gambling it is an informational article one should not forget about the risk related to gambling, it is not the purpose of the article to inspire any person or group to be a gambler.


Many tasks are wrong in this world but people do them, gambling is one of them; when a person see that there is a good return in this game they use to play that whether it is right or wrong, Yes we can say that it should not be allowed but our law is not enough to fight this type gambling game because of corruption in our democracy.

When we talk about gambling-related games, we can’t forget to talk about corruption and the economic factor of that country these things also matter to a fraction. Your opinion also matters to us, you can give your opinion in the comment box

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que:-1 Is There Any Website That Is Fixed for Satta Matka?

Ans:- No, there are no such sites that are fixed for Satta Matka because it is an illegal game site related to these games shifts quickly and also there are many fake sites about this game that can do hacking and crack in your device

Que:-2 Can anyone tell exactly the calculation of winning numbers?

Ans:- Generally regular player has a good idea related to the calculation of winning numbers

Que:-3 What is Better to Play Online or Go to a Club?

Ans:- Both options are equally good if you are in a different city you can bet online and if you want to go to the club it’s your choice. Bombay Matka is an old club if you want to play it is good to go and have fun.

Que:-4 Gambling is illegal in India then why Satta Matka is so popular in Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra?

Ans:- Yes, it indeed is illegal but it is one of the biggest businesses In India, and crores of people are involved in it. This game affects the Indian economy also.

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