Technical Guruji Net Worth 2022: Biography, Family, Lifestyle, Income, YouTube, Cars

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Technical Guruji Net Worth 2022 (Biography, Real Name, Family, Siblings, Age, Wife, Height, Weight, Lifestyle, Income, YouTube, Cars)

In this blog, We will discuss Technical Guruji Net Worth, Biography, Family, Age, Wife, Height, Weight, Lifestyle, Income, YouTube, Cars, and more. Gaurav Chaudhary also known as his famous name Technical Guruji born in Ajmer, India. His birthday was celebrated on 7th May. He got his early education from a government school Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan in India.

He has had a keen interest in coding and technology since childhood. He moved to Dubai in 2010 for further education and to pursue a degree in microelectronics from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. He started to work with the Dubai Police in the security system.

Along with his degree completion, he thought to start a YouTube channel. He is not only a media sensation, you tuber but also an engineer. Currently, he lives in Dubai and enjoys a luxurious life.

technical guruji net worth

Technical Guruji Family

Gaurav Chaudhary grew up in Ajmer, with his one brother and two sisters. His mother was a housewife and his father owns a business of security devices. One of his sisters is served in the Police department and the other is a teacher. His father met a sudden accident and due to that, he went into a coma.

The responsibility of house came on the shoulders of Gaurav and he started to look at his father’s business and he develops more interest in coding. His technical expertise helped him to understand things better and soon he took the family responsibilities on his shoulders and taking interest in his father’s business.

Born 7th May 1991.
Age 30
Siblings Three (one brother, two sisters)
Subscribers 21.7 Million (Technical Guruji)
Education B. Tech and M. Tech Electronics.
Channels Technical Guruji and Gaurav Chaudhary.
Occupation Nano- Science researcher, Blogger, Dubai

Police Security Engineer, Vlogger, Youtuber, Businessman

Marital Status Single
Nationality Indian
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight 75 KG

Technical Guruji Education

Gaurav went in Kendriya Vidayalaya Sangathan School. After completing his schooling, he went to Rajasthan Technical University for graduation. He was awarded a B. Tech degree in electronics.

Gaurav remained a topper in his university and pursue post-graduation from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai Campus. He was awarded a gold medal in his M. Tech degree. He was a genius man in his field and was awarded many certificates.

Technical Guruji Age

The most famous you tuber born on 7th May in 1991. He is the youngest you tuber with billions of views. Now he is at the age of 30. In 2019, Forbes talked about this guy as an under 30 hit list. He makes a record of the most viewed you tuber in India under 30. His videos contain simple content in the Hindi language that makes things easy for people to understand technical things.

Technical Guruji Net Worth

One of the most viewed you tubers in India is renowned for his videos on technology in the Hindi language. He started his YouTube channel in 2015. At the first, he started to post videos about product reviews. His channel grew faster and just after two years, he started another channel in which he depicts his life. In 2022, the net worth of technical guruji is 50 million dollars.

Technical Guruji You tuber

Technical Guruji, the most famous name on youtube in the category of tech started making his videos on youtube in 2015. He has got more than 19 million subscribers. He also make another channel related to his personal life also has more than four million subscribers.

He is counted as among the top five Indian you tubers in the list of subscribers and on the top in terms of earning. He can earn roundabout one to two crore monthly.

Technical Guruji Income

Technical Guruji is not only you tuber, vlogger, and engineer but also a businessman. The most views channel in India on youtube related to tech is technical guruji. In this channel, he talks about every single item related to technical devices. The main source of income on youtube is Google AdSense and other paid advertisements.

Nowadays, many brands offer million of rupees to pay for the advertisement of their smartphones and other gadgets. Gaurav earns million rupees on just one brand promotion. Only from one YouTube channel, he earned millions. Most of the brands contact him to pay a video on their latest gadgets and smartphones.

Technical Guruji Business

Gaurav is also doing business in Dubai with his elder brother. He lived with his whole family in Dubai and approximately earn in millions in just a month from his business.

Technical Guruji LifeStyle

No doubt, when you are earning millions of dollars annually, one can enjoy the most luxurious life. Gaurav Chaudhary lives in Dubai and enjoys a magnificent and lavish life. He plans foreign tours and travel like a king. His one air ticket is worth about 14 lakhs. This shows that how much he spends on his lifestyle.

He owns the most expensive smart gadgets and phones. His latest phone model is plated with gold. He also possesses many properties in Dubai. He loves to travel a lot and buys expensive tickets. He also posts his personal videos on another channel; Gaurav Chaudhary, in that he shows how much he travels and spends money on that.

Technical Guruji Cars Collection

When it comes to a ride, Technical Guruji is also among the hit list who possess new brand cars with the latest models. Rolls Royce, the most expensive car owned by Gaurav Chaudhary. This is just a one-car but Gaurav possesses many branded and expensive cars like; Mercedes, Lamborghini, Audi, McLaren GT, Porshe, etc.

The list of branded cars is going just like that because buying the most luxurious car is not a big deal for Technical Guruji. He loves to drive the latest cars and spend millions on buying. He also loves to ride on a heavy bike.


Gaurav Chaudhary Aka Technical Guruji is the smartest guy who knows how to capture the audience that’s why he started his videos in the Hindi language so that a common man could easily understand make a great name in the list of You tubers.

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