Top 20 Best Guided Sleep Meditation and Sleeping Music

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In this article, we will discuss the top 20 best-guided sleep meditation music. Have you heard about insomnia or sleeplessness? Here you can have the best sleep meditation technique to cure wakefulness. Insomnia is a chronic disease that can also affect the circadian rhythm of our body and lead to various kinds of mental problems like anxiety, depression, and feel of being lethargic all day, when there is sleeplessness at night you may be vulnerable to the complaint of high blood pressure, weak memory and in some cases, Alzheimer can also be seen.

Sleep meditation has many benefits especially when we talk about mental health and heart disease, our sleepwake cycle is a function of the pineal gland and when it is not in equilibrium, then it causes insomnia which results in permanent tiredness in the body.

Sleep Meditation

Types of Sleep Meditation

Generally, sleep meditation has no types; but people have a different perspective on sleep meditation so they define that as a different type of meditation some different types of sleep meditation:

  1. For deep sleep: most of the time it is only a sound that has a sleeping frequency by which you can sleep easily and you don’t have dreams in the night mostly used by the person who has not constant sleep in the night and they wake due to bad dreams.
  2. Healing meditation: as the name suggests it is done for the healing of different diseases and sometimes it is the perfect cure for the healing of emotional trauma and accidentally damaged parts of the body.
  3. Subliminal: it can bring our message to our subconscious mind and be helpful to complete our dreams, people also use them to reduce body fat and for beauty.
  4. Hypnosis: this is a psychological term used by doctors in curing some emotional loss and to help an emotionally complex person.
  5. You Nidra: it is an Indian meditation derived from Upanishads of Hinduism helpful to relax and keep a calm mind.
  6. Guided meditation: it is done in the presence of a teacher who guides you in your sleep meditation and it may be a spiritual journey or it may be a relaxed sleep.

All these meditations help to cure depression, insomnia, and heartrelated diseases.

Guided Sleep Meditation and Music

Here are some links and information regarding sleep meditation, you can find meditation music on YouTube videos and also some apps can help you to provide information on meditation techniques.

  1. Deep sleep meditation music on YouTube, it’s a sleeping frequency music cure of sleeplessness and frequency range of 2 to 4 hertz.
  2. Yellow brick cinema on YouTube and it is a 24/7 music is especially for curing insomnia.
  3. Binaural beats also 24/7 sleeping music frequency for calming mind and body.
  4. Soothing relaxation is also found on YouTube videos especially for stress relief and inner peace meditation.
  5. The meditative mind has different series of music some of which are OM chanting and others are for stress relief and sleeping music.
  6. Sleep and relaxation music has delta waves for relaxation and the chakra heaviness.
  7. Perfect deep sleep is special for the monkey mind calm and focuses music for study.
  8. Healing meditation has different music videos for focus increase, relaxing body and mind aura cleansing, and telepathic music.
  9. Guided meditation by honest guys has lyrics to guide you through the meditation path and give relaxation to the body and mind, help to reduce stress, and cure insomnia.
  10. Subliminal has slow lyrics that can reach your subconscious mind and you can change your dreams into destiny this music is also searched by many people and it is found in limited YouTube channels.
  11. Nu meditation music has aura cleansing music and deep sleep to cure wakefulness.
  12. Yoga Nidra is a sleep meditation by the Indian people and it is a guided sleep meditation especially for people to help with migraine and all mental problems.
  13. Sounds of Isha is flute music designed by the isha foundation and it is morning meditation music
  14. Enviro ambient has special rain effects, piano music which helps to keep a calm mind.
  15. Soul of wind is also meditation music having meditation music and moonlight effect music.
  16. Relaxing music has gamma waves effect and increases focus on any work also you can use music while doing your office work.
  17. Chinese bowl music has a special effect that impacts chakra healing and opening of chakra these bowl music sounds are known from Buddha’s time and are also used in teaching martial arts and yoga in China.
  18. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps in controlling thought processes and controlling emotions you can use music to have mindful of. It has mindfulness music which helps grow a soul.
  19. Meditation and healing name also suggests if you want to find both meditation and focus music you can find it on YouTube.
  20. Guided hypnosis technique on YouTube videos you can see the hypnotic Diamond or hypnotic maps that help you to fall into a deep sleep.

All these channels provide music to cure insomnia, help to fall asleep, and increase receptivity to working, you may also use them for office work and subconscious affirmations.


How to Cure Insomnia at Home:

The sleep-wake cycle is a function of our pineal gland if it is not working properly we have sleeplessness and we do napping and feel tired for a whole day. Here we can help you with some homemade remedies.

  • If you are feeling that you don’t have a good after all your efforts sleep then you may have insomnia the best way to cure this disease, is to practice exercise and yoga on daily basis.
  • The practice of mindfulness is also a good option to cure insomnia and chanting of mantras in repeating mode, it is better to do practice meditation on daily basis.
  • Chamomile tea is a natural cure for insomnia.
  • You can also use essential oils to massage your head to fall asleep.
  • You have to avoid fast food and take a healthy diet with fiber food, this can also insomnia.

Due to insomnia, your life span can also decrease your life span, addiction also causes insomnia, sometimes napping also results in wakefulness.

Best Retreat Centre in the USA

  1. Esalen Institute is best for yoga teaching, dance, and leadership speculation at big Sur California.
  2. Shambhala Mountain center is good for awareness practice and deep meditation for spirituality founder of this center was a Tibetan Buddha master in 1971found in red feather cakes, Colorado.
  3. Art of leaving the center at Boone, North Carolina its founder name is SriSri Ravishankar started this center in 1981 special known for Sudarshan kriya.
  4. Spirit rock Meditation Centre at Woodacre, California is special for mindfulness meditation practice and different yoga poses
  5. Insight meditation society at barre Massachusetts is special for the practice of vipassana a Buddhist meditation practice, more than 30 courses are available here for different meditation practice
  6. Zen Mountain monastery at mount temper, New York City is centered by zen Buddhist special for the practice of deep spiritual meditations.
  7. Rolling Meadows Brooks at Maine is special for yoga poses and meditation breath work but they allow only 11 guests at a time.

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There are many different ways to treat any disease but one should prefer the natural method and sleep meditation is a natural method for many such diseases. Insomnia is a common problem for youths because of their lifestyle but small efforts for your health are a good idea to have a perfect lifestyle, and you can also use some homemade remedies for sleeplessness.

Meditate Deep Sleep Release Video

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que:-1 Can late-night sleeping cause insomnia?

Ans:- Yes, it may happen to you if you do regular work at night and don’t sleep at your natural time.

Que:-2 Can sleeplessness cause other hormones disturbance?

Ans:- Yes, sometimes due to an imbalance in circadian rhythm hypothalamus and the pituitary hormone may imbalance which causes an irregular menstrual cycle in females and mood swings in both sexes.

Que:-3 Is music therapy helping to cure sleeplessness?

Ans:- Most of the time it is helpful and also it depends on your belief system that how much time it takes to completely cure sleeplessness.

Que:-4 Name some diseases which can be controlled by sleeping meditation?

Ans:- Depression, anxiety, heart-related diseases, and also sleep meditation are advantageous to hormone-related problems.

Que:-5 Can we use online meditation as a full course of meditation?

Ans:- It depends on which type of meditation are you doing if this is hypnosis or any type of kriya you have to practice these meditations under the vicinity of skilled teachers it is simple meditation then you can practice it from YouTube or any other apps.

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