William Zabka Net Worth 2022: Biography, Family, Career and More

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William Zabka Net Worth 2022 (Real Name, Born, Birthplace, height, Nationality, Biography, Qualification, Family, Father Name, Mother Name, Personal Life, Career)

William Zabka is an American actor, a producer who contributed to Hollywood through his amazing acting skills in Karate Kid (1984), Karate Kid 2 (1986), and the sequel of the same, the TV series Cobra Kai, as Johnny Lawrence.

Real Name William Michael Zabka
Nick Name Billy
Born October 20, 1965, New York
Height 1.84 m (6ft)
Nationality American
Qualification Graduate
Father Name Stanley Zabka
Mother Name Nancy Zabka
Siblings 2
Net Worth $3million (2022)

William Zabka Net Worth

William Zabka Family:

William Zabka was born in New York City, New York, USA; in the year 1965 on October 21 (age: 56). He was born to Stanley Zabka, who is an American award-winning composer, musician, author, and TV director; and Nancy Heimert Zabka who was an Executive Production manager. His father was born in Iowa of Czech descendants, giving him a Czech connection.

His father was quite established in the entertainment industry and also have worked as an assistant director on the ‘The Tonight Show’ with Johnny Carson’, for the first 2 seasons. He is one among the three children; he has a brother, Guy Zabka, and a sister, Judy Zabka.

William Zabka Personal Life:

William Zabka married to Stacie Zabka in the year 2008. He and Stacie have two children whose names are not let out in public. They seem very happy in their marriage and seem to lead a very private beautiful life with their kids.

William Zabka Physical Attributions:

William Zabka has an athletic built with a height of 1.84m and a weight of 76 kg. He has blonde hair and has an eye color of blue. His distinctive feature is noted to be his nose.

William Zabka Career:

Being a part of a family already settled in the entertainment industry, William Zabka started acting in his teens. “The greatest American Hero” was his very first officially credited television series. It was after a year that William Zabka had his biggest breakthrough.

Who doesn’t remember the main antagonist Johnny Lawrence, of the movie ‘The Karate Kid’? William Zabka had his biggest breakthrough in the same movie, playing the main antagonist against the main character played by Ralph Macchio. At the time, he wasn’t trained in Karate but was a talented wrestler. The movie inspired him to learn martial arts and later on he accomplished a second-degree green belt in ‘Tang Soo Doo’, a Korean Martial Art based on Karate.

He, later on, took part in many movies and series like, ‘Just one of the Guys’, ‘Back to school’, ‘Equalizer’ etc. In an interview, he mentioned that he doesn’t prefer doing the ‘class bully’ character, as he felt that the people believed it to be how he is.

He then decided to study filmmaking and in 2003, he produced and wrote a short movie ‘Most’. This was another brand success in his life. After being premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, ‘Most’ bagged a lot of awards and appreciations including a prestigious award ‘The best of Festival’ at Palm Spring International Festival of Short Films. ‘Most’ was also a reason for him being nominated for the ‘An Academy’ award in 2004, under the category, Live Action Short Film category.

2007 was the year William Zabka turned to music. For the band ‘No more Kings’, he directed and also starred in a music video named ‘Sweep the leg’. The video was about him as a character being obsessed with his role in the movie, ‘the Karate Kid’.

A few original casts of ‘The Karate Kid’ also did cameo roles in the video. He then directed various music videos for the band, ‘Rascal Flatts’ like ‘Why Wait’ and ‘Your’ if you want it. Over the years, he did a bunch of cameo roles in movies and hit series like ‘How I met your mother’. He also directed a lot of commercials for big clients.

In the year 2017, he was a part of a project called ‘Cobra Kai’. This was a YouTube Premium Web series as a part of Karate Kid Revival. He plays the character of Johnny Lawrence who tries rebuilding his life and opening the Cobra Kai dojo and the developments from there.

William Zabka Net Worth

His biggest breakthrough ‘The Karate Kid’ earned around $100 million on $8 million dollars, in the US alone. With a success as such, at the beginning of his career, William Zabka had an amazing start.
His multiple talents in this field of entertainment had given him a lot of success in many projects he has been a part of.

In the year 2017, when William Zabka and Ralph Macchio decided to revive the Karate Kid through a series called “Cobra Kai”, many platforms as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Apple, etc offered them but they finally settled for YouTube Red. Both William Zabka and Ralph Macchio earned around $1 million each for the initial 2 seasons.

The launch of this series was universally appreciated but because of low viewership didn’t reach up to the mark but in the year 2020 Netflix took up the series, making it one of the most popular and viewed shows on the platform.

William Zabka’s diverse career brought him different flexibility in his work. He along with his family lives a very comfortable life and owns property in different locations. It is estimated for him to have a Net worth of $3 million which he has earned through his long diverse career in the entertainment industry.

William Zabka Awards and achievements

William Zabka was nominated for a few prestigious awards as:

  • Oscar nominee for “Best short film” under Live-action category, in the year 2004 [MOST]
  • Primetime Emmy nominee for ‘Outstanding Comedy Series, in the year 2021 [COBRA KAI]
  • IGN Award nominee for Best Comedic TV Performance, in the year 2018 [COBRA KAI].
  • INNOVA TV nominee for Best Actor in comedy series in the year 2018 [COBRA KAI]
  • OFTA Television Award Nominee for Best Actor in Comedy series, in the year 2021 [COBRA KAI]
  • Young Artist Award for best young supporting actor in a motion picture, Musical, Comedy, Adventure, or Drama in the year 1985. [THE KARATE KID]

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